Full Property Search Services

Our full property search service is for the time poor and those who just want everything done for them and done well.

With this service Valeria handles everything from finding the right property until settlement.

First Contact – Our Mutual Discovery Call

  • We first chat over the phone or via zoom to ascertain whether we can deliver on your brief and whether we are the right fit for you.
  • We ensure that there is no conflict of interest as we never take on more than one client with the same brief.
  • We make sure you are finance approved and ready to go. If you are not ready, you are not in a position of power when securing a property.
  • We explain to you what our process are and how we operate.
  • If we are both happy to proceed, we will send you the Buyer Agency Agreement and explain costs.

Strategy Session

  • In this session we develop a detailed brief to get your exact requirements. This includes budget, type of property, dream home or investment, location, schools, proximity to work, lifestyle and so much more
  • This session must be with all parties and can take a couple of hours. To really get to know our clients needs and wants, we delve into the style of their past homes and their lifestyle to get the best results from their future abode.

Research and Property Search (WE HUNT)

  • No need for you to do anything. We HUNT. You CHOOSE.
  • We examine property values and trends of properties just sold, properties on market, silent or off-market listings, auction clearance rates and their values.
  • We provide valuable insights on the current state of the market based on our experience with all property types in our localities.

We Short-list Suitable Properties (YOU CHOOSE)

  • We provide you with an initial short-list of properties for you to examine complete with links, photos and details on each property.
  • Before we present these properties to you, we will have already viewed them for you to cull those which we know are not compliant with your brief.
  • We discuss the pros and cons of each one against your brief.
  • It’s like matchmaking. You swipe left or right.

Arranging and Attending Physical Inspections

  • We physically inspect shortlisted properties together.
  • Even at this stage, properties are eliminated, as they may lack a certain appeal to you.
  • Together we evaluate condition, potential, and appeal.
  • VERY IMPORTANT!! Do no show whether you like the property or not to the listing agent. We will remind you of this before entering.

Comprehensive Property Evaluation

  • Once you have narrowed down your choice/s. We will conduct a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of the property’s worth, the vendors motivation, the property’s time on market and current market conditions.
  • This is important to know before we can negotiate.

Expert Negotiation

  • Once you’ve seen the property you love, this is where we set up the strategy to purchase.
  • This is where Valeria’s excellent negotiation skills will bring about excellent results securing you the best deal.
  • We negotiate purchase price, terms, and conditions.
  • The strategy varies depending on many factors and whether it is up for auction or for sale.
  • Valeria is a licensed Auctioneer so she understands the process from the inside and out.

Time to Bring in Other Professionals

  • Once price and terms are agreed, we need to elicit the help of other professionals such as pest and building inspector, solicitor, strata search company etc.
  • This is urgent and arranged for on the same day as we may be up against another buyer.
  • Typically the required reports are organised by us, on your behalf. Once obtained they are sent onto your solicitor for legal advice. We cannot give you legal advice on the actual reports themselves.
  • If there is a race on to purchase this property by more than one buyer, it is not uncommon for the contract to go unconditional with the deposit and 66W to be required same day. It is important to be prepared as this happens frequently in a hot market.

Pre-Settlement Inspection

  • Valeria will attend the pre-settlement inspection with or without you. The inspection is thorough and we have a specific checklist to go through to ensure that everything is ok and that the property has been vacated, without damage and that the inclusions stated in the contract are kept with the property.
  • See checklist.

Post-Purchase Support

  • If it is an investment property, we can offer advice on property management and can negotiate the Property management agency agreement with them.
  • If the home needs a bit of work we can refer you to builders, architects and assist with advice on renovations at no charge.

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