Investar reports for Buyers

Investar reports are extremely useful but also overwhelming in a good way. Investar is a property investment platform.

They provide intelligent software, tools and data to help buyers navigate the residential property market.   

Note: These reports are current as at April 2023. Check regularly for updates.

Free Movers and Faders Suburb Reports

Suburb reports (pdfs)

  1. Highest percentage of renovation listings
  2. Highest percentage of distressed price listings
  3. Biggest increase in stock on the market
  4. Biggest decrease in stock on market
  5. Fastest population growth suburbs
  6. Biggest increase in household income
  7. Slowest time to sell suburbs
  8. Biggest price gap between top and bottom

Top 50 Suburb Reports.

  1. Biggest quarterly mover waterfront suburbs
  2. Biggest turnaround waterfront suburbs
  3. Cheapest waterfront suburbs
  4. Fastest median growth waterfront suburbs
  5. Highest yielding waterfront suburbs
  6. Most expensive waterfront suburbs

Free Suburb Reports

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Top 50 Suburb Insights Reports

  1. Fastest median growth suburbs
  2. Suburbs with largest average annual median price increase in last 4 years
  3. Biggest turnaround suburbs
  4. Biggest quarterly mover suburbs
  5. Most expensive suburbs
  6. Cheapest suburbs
  7. Suburbs with largest average annual median price decline in last 4 years
  8. Biggest 4 year median price decline suburbs
  9. Best average annual growth 

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7 First Home Buyer Suburb Reports

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Growth and Performance Reports

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