Why Buy Property in St Leonards?

Investing in property in St. Leonards, Sydney, presents a great opportunity for various reasons. Situated in close proximity to the city centre, this dynamic suburb offers a harmonious blend of urban convenience and suburban tranquility.

Its strategic location, bolstered by major infrastructure projects, promises potential for long-term growth and value appreciation. St. Leonards’ thriving business district, coupled with excellent healthcare facilities and educational institutions, ensures a diverse and vibrant community.

With seamless transport options including trains and buses, plus a range of entertainment and dining choices, St. Leonards stands as an attractive prospect for both investors and those seeking a modern, well-connected lifestyle.

St Leonards Key Demographics

Updated Quarterly. Sources Corelogic, and

St leonards Population


Average age

20 – 39 Years

Owner / Renter Ratio

35% / 65%

Family / Single Ratio

43% / 57%

Where Is St Leonards Located in Sydney?

Located on Sydney’s Lower North Shore, St Leonards is a strategically positioned suburb just a few kilometers from the central business district. Bordered by bustling North Sydney and vibrant Crows Nest, this dynamic locale offers a unique blend of urban accessibility and leafy tranquility.

Buying property in St Leonards gives benefits from excellent connectivity, with its own major train station and numerous bus routes linking to both the city and surrounding suburbs. Its central location, surrounded by diverse amenities and green spaces, makes St Leonards a coveted destination for those seeking a balanced city lifestyle with a touch of suburban comfort.

St Leonards Attractions & Transport

The vibrant suburb of St Leonards in Sydney offers an eclectic mix of dining, shopping, and cultural experiences, centred around the bustling Crows Nest precinct. Nearby, the tranquil Gore Hill Park provides a serene escape. The Royal North Shore Hospital, a prominent medical facility, resides here.

Transport is seamless with St. Leonards’ major train station and numerous bus routes, connecting commuters to both the city and the North Shore. This harmonious blend of urban vitality, green spaces, and convenient connectivity makes St. Leonards an enticing destination for residents and visitors alike.

St leonards Property Market Statistics

July 2022 – June 2023. Sources Corelogic, and

Median Weekly Rent

House $1,000 / Unit $825

Rental Vacancy Rate


Boutique St Leonards Buyers Agent

House Hunters, operating under the astute leadership of Valeria Davis, is a duly licensed Real Estate Agent in both New South Wales and Queensland. With a remarkable history spanning more than twenty years in real estate acquisitions and sales, Valeria Davis seamlessly transitioned into her role as a property buyers agent to cater to the distinct needs of buyers in the St Leonards area.

Professional Service & results Guaranteed!

Our primary objective is to comprehend your property needs, devise a strategic plan, and lead you through the entirety of the property acquisition journey. We maintain constant accessibility and throughout this process, ensuring our tailored expertise and advice in acquiring properties in St Leonards and the surrounding suburbs of Sydney is readily available at any hour of the day.



We’re not happy unless you’re happy!

The Property Buying Process with House Hunters

Experienced And Reliable ST LEONARDS BUYERS AGENT

Initial Consultation

Free Online or In-Person Chat to determine whether we are the right fit to help you achieve your goals.

Strategy Session

Vital part of the process. Typically this takes a few hours to nut out a detailed brief and agree on next steps.

Property Search & Selection

We present to you properties within the brief for your consideration. We HUNT. You CHOOSE.

Due Diligence

Once desired property/ies have been identified we need to make sure it is viable and problem-free.
This includes pest and building inspections, initial architect or surveyor requirements and council checks.

Negotiation or Auction Bidding

We work out the best strategy depending on vendor motivation, time on market, supply and demand and numerous other factors.

Settlement & Beyond

We look after the process up to settlement and beyond. Occasionally there can be a hiccup with the vendor or with the process, and we are there to the end.

House Hunters St Leonards Buyers Agent FAQ

St Leonards Buyers Agent

A buyers agent in St Leonards is a professional who assists clients in purchasing property. They offer expert advice, market analysis, and negotiate on behalf of the buyer. This service ensures buyers get the best deal and avoid common pitfalls.

House Hunters is the best solution for finding a buyers agent in St Leonards. They provide personalized service, tailoring strategies to meet your needs. With extensive market knowledge and negotiation skills, House Hunters ensures a smooth buying process.

Benefits of a Buyers Agent

Using a buyers agent saves time and reduces stress. They handle the search, evaluations, and negotiations. Buyers benefit from their expertise, gaining access to off-market properties and accurate market insights. This professional guidance leads to informed decisions and successful purchases.

House Hunters: Your Ideal Partner

House Hunters stands out due to their commitment to clients. They offer 24/7 support, ensuring you receive assistance whenever needed. The team’s local knowledge of St Leonards guarantees you find the right property at the best price.

House Hunters buyers agents prioritize your goals, providing confidential and efficient service. Their tailored approach ensures you find a property that meets your criteria, making the buying process enjoyable and rewarding.

What schools are in the St Leonards area of Sydney?

Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore): Known for its rich history and strong academic programs, Shore offers a balanced education with a focus on character development and leadership.

Wenona School: Wenona provides a nurturing environment for girls, emphasizing academic excellence, creative arts, and personal growth through a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College: This prestigious girls’ school combines rigorous academics with a strong emphasis on social justice and community service, fostering well-rounded, compassionate students.

North Sydney Boys High School: Renowned for its academic achievements, North Sydney Boys High offers a challenging curriculum that prepares students for tertiary education and beyond.

North Sydney Girls High School: With a reputation for academic excellence, North Sydney Girls High focuses on empowering young women through a supportive and stimulating learning environment.

Queenwood School for Girls: Queenwood is dedicated to providing a holistic education that encourages intellectual curiosity, artistic expression, and physical wellbeing.

Cammeraygal High School: Cammeraygal High offers a modern and innovative learning environment, promoting critical thinking and collaboration among its students.

Marist College North Shore: This Catholic school for boys emphasizes faith, academic excellence, and community service, preparing students for life beyond the classroom.

St Aloysius’ College: A Jesuit school for boys, St Aloysius’ College focuses on academic rigor, moral development, and leadership, nurturing young men to become thoughtful and responsible citizens.

Bradfield Senior College: Bradfield Senior College specializes in creative and performing arts, offering a unique curriculum that caters to students’ individual talents and aspirations.

Shore Preparatory School: Shore Prep provides a strong foundation for young learners with a focus on developing essential skills in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Greenwich Public School: Known for its community spirit, Greenwich Public School offers a diverse curriculum that promotes academic achievement and personal growth.

Neutral Bay Public School: Neutral Bay Public School boasts a rich tradition of excellence, fostering a love of learning and a strong sense of community among its students.

Mosman Public School: Mosman Public School offers a dynamic learning environment with a focus on academic excellence, creative arts, and physical education.

Cammeray Public School: Cammeray Public School provides a balanced education, encouraging students to excel academically while developing social and emotional skills.

Hunters Hill High School: Hunters Hill High School offers a comprehensive curriculum that caters to a wide range of student interests and abilities, promoting lifelong learning.

Lane Cove Public School: Lane Cove Public School is committed to providing a high-quality education that fosters academic achievement and personal development in a supportive environment.

Willoughby Girls High School: Willoughby Girls High School is known for its academic excellence and supportive environment, empowering young women to achieve their full potential.

Willoughby Public School: Willoughby Public School offers a nurturing and inclusive environment, promoting academic success and personal growth for all students.

Castle Cove Public School: Castle Cove Public School provides a vibrant and engaging learning environment, encouraging students to achieve their best in all areas of school life.

Valeria Davis’s Commitment to Clients Purchasing Property in St Leonards

Valeria Davis, a dedicated buyers agent from House Hunters, is committed to providing exceptional service to clients looking to purchase property in St Leonards. Her approach is client-centric, focusing on understanding individual needs and preferences to tailor her services accordingly.

Valeria offers comprehensive market analysis, ensuring clients are well-informed about current property trends and values in St Leonards. Her expertise extends to identifying both on-market and off-market properties, providing clients with a wider range of options. This insider knowledge is crucial in a competitive market like St Leonards, where opportunities can be limited.

Communication is a cornerstone of Valeria’s service. She maintains open lines of communication, offering 24/7 availability to address any concerns or questions clients may have. This ensures a smooth and transparent buying process, where clients feel supported at every step.

Partner A Buying Agent Professional

Valeria’s negotiation skills are unmatched, helping clients secure properties at the best possible prices. She conducts thorough due diligence, assessing each property’s value and potential, ensuring clients make informed decisions. Her strategic approach and attention to detail minimize risks and maximize value for her clients.

House Hunters stands out for its personalized service, and Valeria embodies this ethos. She provides a free, no-obligation consultation to understand clients’ goals and preferences. Her commitment to confidentiality ensures that all client information is handled with the utmost care and discretion.

Choosing Valeria Davis from House Hunters means partnering with a professional who is dedicated to making your property purchase in St Leonards a successful and rewarding experience.

Valeria Davis’s Services for Property Buyers in St Leonards

Valeria Davis from House Hunters offers a range of services tailored to clients purchasing property in St Leonards. Her commitment starts with a free, no-obligation consultation to understand clients’ needs and goals. This personalized approach ensures every client receives tailored strategies that align with their preferences.

Valeria conducts comprehensive market analysis to provide clients with up-to-date information on property trends and values in St Leonards. She identifies both on-market and off-market properties, offering clients exclusive opportunities. Her insider knowledge and connections within the industry give clients a competitive edge in finding their ideal property.

Comprehensive Support and Negotiation

Throughout the buying process, Valeria offers 24/7 support, addressing any concerns or questions promptly. She ensures transparent communication, keeping clients informed at every step. Her negotiation skills are unparalleled, helping clients secure properties at the best possible prices. Valeria conducts thorough due diligence, assessing each property’s value and potential, ensuring informed decisions.

Personalized and Confidential Service

Valeria’s services extend to handling all necessary paperwork, coordinating inspections, and liaising with other professionals involved in the transaction. House Hunters emphasizes confidentiality, ensuring all client information is handled with care. Valeria’s dedication to her clients’ success makes the property buying process in St Leonards smooth and rewarding.

Choosing Valeria Davis means partnering with a professional who is committed to making your property purchase a seamless and successful experience.

Costs of Valeria Davis’s Services

Valeria Davis from House Hunters charges a fee for her comprehensive services as a buyers agent in St Leonards. This fee typically includes an initial engagement fee and a success fee, payable upon securing the property. The exact cost varies depending on the complexity and scope of the client’s needs.

Value Beyond Cost

These costs are far outweighed by the significant savings and convenience Valeria provides. She helps clients avoid overpaying by conducting thorough market analysis and expertly negotiating prices. Her access to off-market properties offers exclusive opportunities that can save thousands.

Expert Guidance and Support

Valeria’s services save clients time and reduce stress by handling all aspects of the property search and purchase process. She coordinates inspections, manages paperwork, and provides 24/7 support. This ensures a smooth and efficient buying experience.

Long-Term Investment Benefits

Investing in Valeria’s expertise ensures clients make informed decisions, avoiding costly mistakes. The long-term benefits of securing the right property at the best price far outweigh the initial service costs. Valeria’s dedication to client satisfaction makes her services a valuable investment in achieving real estate goals.

Access to Off-Market and Exclusive Properties

Valeria Davis from House Hunters offers clients access to off-market and exclusive properties in St Leonards. These hidden opportunities are often not advertised publicly, providing a significant advantage in a competitive market. Valeria’s extensive network of real estate contacts and industry connections allows her to identify these properties before they become available to the general public.

Hidden Opportunities

Off-market properties offer buyers the chance to secure desirable properties without the pressure of open market competition. This access can lead to better deals and fewer bidding wars. Valeria’s clients benefit from this insider knowledge, gaining opportunities that would otherwise remain hidden.

Value Beyond Cost

While there are costs associated with using Valeria’s services, the savings and convenience far outweigh them. Access to off-market properties can result in significant financial savings by avoiding inflated prices driven by high competition. Valeria’s expertise in negotiating and her comprehensive market analysis ensure clients get the best value for their money.

Expert Guidance and Support

Valeria provides full support throughout the buying process, from identifying potential properties to finalizing the purchase. This includes handling all paperwork, coordinating inspections, and offering 24/7 support. Clients enjoy a seamless experience, saving time and reducing stress.

Investing in Valeria’s services not only opens doors to exclusive properties but also ensures informed and confident purchasing decisions, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to buy in St Leonards.

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5 star rating
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Great service and help from Valeria, she was always available and we felt we were in good hands all the way through.
Virginia D.

Mosman, Sydney

5 star rating
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5 star rating
My husband and I were surprised how efficient and simple the process was with Valeria. We’ve bought and sold many properties but this was the easiest ever. She did it all for us – if only she could help us pack and move now.
Jayne H.

Darlinghurst, Sydney

5 star rating
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Valeria helped us buy our first home which was a run down workers cottage, we will be renovating and flipping and will definitely use House Hunters for our next reno project.
Jordan S.

Edgecliff, Sydney

5 star rating
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5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Thank you Valeria and House Hunters! I’d been looking for over 2 years and they helped me buy a place within 3 weeks. Valeria is truly sincere about helping and spent a great deal of time searching for what I was looking for.
Martin G.

Neutral Bay, Sydney

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