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In the bustling property market, trying to downsize in Sydney can be as challenging as buying a first home. This case study explores how s couple downsized homes with a buyer’s agent’s guidance to tackle real estate challenges.

The agent’s expertise and tailored assistance streamlined the process, securing a perfect home for the couple. We explore their journey, emphasizing the pivotal role of a buyer’s agent in achieving their real estate goals.

Case Study Background

In their early 60s, John and Mary Thompson downsized from their large home in Sydney’s North Shore to a smaller property near the city. Tired of maintaining a five-bedroom house, they sought a lifestyle change, prioritising leisure over upkeep.

Objective – Downsize in Sydney

The Thompsons sought a modern, two-bedroom Sydney apartment for convenience, security, and easy access to amenities. Seeking a property within budget, meeting lifestyle needs, and offering future investment potential was their aim.


Sydney’s real estate market is notoriously competitive and complex, with prices varying significantly between neighbourhoods. Got it! I understand that you want me to rewrite sentences in active voice instead of passive voice. Let’s do it! They needed expert guidance to navigate the market, find the right property, and handle negotiations and paperwork.

How a Buyer's Agent Helped a Couple Downsize in Sydney

Solution: Hiring a Buyer’s Agent to Downsize In Sydney

The Thompsons enlisted Sarah, a buyer’s agent specialising in Sydney’s market, experienced in helping retirees downsize. Sarah’s services included:

Market Analysis: Sarah provided an in-depth analysis of current market trends and identified areas that suited their lifestyle and budget.

Property Selection: She used her extensive network to find properties that met their criteria, including some that were not listed publicly, giving them early access to potential homes.

Viewings and Assessments: Sarah arranged and accompanied them on property viewings, pointing out potential issues and benefits of each property.

Negotiations: With her expert knowledge of market values, Sarah was able to negotiate the price on their behalf, ensuring they did not overpay.

Paperwork and Settlement: She handled all the administrative tasks associated with purchasing the property, from initial offer to final settlement, ensuring a smooth process.


Over several months, Sarah presented various options to the Thompsons, each aligning closely with their specified wants and needs. Finally, they found a contemporary two-bedroom apartment in Darlinghurst that was close to a major theatre, several renowned restaurants, and beautiful parks.

The apartment was slightly over their budget, but Sarah negotiated diligently with the seller’s agent, securing a price that saved the Thompsons $15,000 off the asking price, which helped cover their moving expenses.


The purchase of the Darlinghurst apartment proved to be exactly what John and Mary were looking for. The couple settled into their new home with ease, thanks to Sarah’s coordination. They were particularly pleased with the security features of the apartment and the vibrant community of like-minded residents. Financially, the move allowed them to invest a substantial portion of their sale proceeds from their previous home, securing their financial future.

Use A Buyer’s Agent to Downsize In Sydney

Using a buyer’s agent proved invaluable for the Thompsons. Sarah’s expertise not only saved them money and time but also provided peace of mind throughout the process. John and Mary were able to transition into their new phase of life smoothly and could immediately start enjoying the benefits of living in the heart of Sydney, surrounded by cultural attractions and amenities suited to their active, urban lifestyle.

This case study highlights the significant advantages of utilising a buyer’s agent in navigating the complexities of the real estate market, particularly when downsizing in a competitive city like Sydney.

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