Rightsizing your life By Downsizing – whatever your age

If you’re of a certain age, you’ll no doubt be inundated with articles on downsizing – the process of rightsizing your life. We often talk about downsizing – and the tiny house movement certainly gives the impression that everyone needs to move into a glorified caravan to be happy. However, we like to take a different approach and prefer to talk about ‘rightsizing’ that applies to any age group.

Rightsizing your life through Downsizing - whatever your age

What is rightsizing Your Life?

Rightsizing ensures you have the space you need at your age to live comfortably and happily. This could mean selling a too-large family home and finding a smaller one, either closer to or outside the city. If entertaining and hosting visits make you happy, consider a larger property with some acreage.

Downsizing Your Life

Once the family leaves home and your lifestyle changes, cleaning a large home might not appeal to you anymore. There’s a good reason minimalism took off over the last 10 years; it’s all those homeowners who wanted to make their lives more manageable.

Larger homes with ample storage can encourage hoarding. Possessions may become a burden you no longer wish to manage. If this resonates, consider finding a smaller home that lets you live as you wish—without extensive cleaning, mowing, or repairs.

Upsizing Your Life

Young couples and first home buyers in this market can generally afford only a modestly sized property. Once children arrive, many realise the value of investing in a larger home to accommodate a growing family and active lifestyle. Older couples, too, might choose to sell the suburban family home in favour of a larger property with a pool or a tennis court, and plenty of room to accommodate visitors and keep the grandkids entertained.

Multigenerational living

Especially given property prices and the need for emotional and physical support, there’s a greater tendency these days for several generations to pool resources and live together. While this might sound like each generation would lack the privacy they need, properties such as dual-key homes offer proximity and privacy.

If you aren’t familiar with the dual-key concept, a dual-key home is one with two homes on the same block. They tend to be apartments or townhouse-style, with separate entrances. Owners of dual-key properties can live separately but together, or rent half their property. Dual-key home designs tend to allow for future merging of the two properties into one as family needs change.

For those considering a new build for multigenerational living, creative architecture and interior design can also ensure comfort and privacy through zoning, subtle level changes and considered use of materials.

Top three tips for rightsizing your home and upsizing your life

While there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way, if you follow these tips, you’ll end up in a better place.

1.  Make a list of locations

You might have lived in the same area your whole life but that’s no reason to stay. Your current home might be out of a good schools catchment area, or far from medical facilities and shopping. Think about what you’ll need for the next ten years.

2.  Make a list of must-haves

Whatever you’re doing – downsizing or upsizing – to find the right property, you need to be clear about what you want, what possessions you want to keep, and what lifestyle your new home needs to enhance.

3. Audit your finances

Rightsizing your life is about helping you live your best life and you can’t do that if you’re trying to service a mortgage you can’t afford. So take stock of your finances, talk to a mortgage broker you trust, and buy a home you can afford without stress.

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